Award-Winning Author Launches Campaign to Bring Popular Cable Series to Baltimore, MD...

Award-Winning Author Launches Campaign to Bring Popular Cable Series to Baltimore, MD to Stimulate the Local Black Economy


It’s no news that there is an inseparable bond between Baltimore and world class television. The relationship between the city and the TV series, House of Cards, was both economically and socially positive and it was very disappointing seeing them shoot their last season some time ago. On this note, success scholar Haki Ammi has launched a campaign to encourage the television series Homeland which appears on Showtime to consider shooting its next season in Baltimore, MD.

The economical impact of shooting a television series in Baltimore can never be overemphasized. This fact is justified by the analysis made by the Maryland Film Office’s website, which posit that; the fourth season of House of Cards resulted in the employment of 2,678 crew, cast and extras, and generated business among 1,963 local businesses and vendors. As a result of this tremendous impact, Haki has been very much interested in the continuation of this trend in Baltimore and has moved a step closer to achieving that with his campaign to bring the Homelandseries to the city.

Homeland is an overwhelming and highly exhilarating TV series that portrays events that would sublimate the viewer’s entire being. Its content depicts series of complex actors who work together to achieve a suspenseful and sensational storyline. Recently, Haki himself served as an extra in the Homeland series.

Using the hashtag #BringHomelandTVtoBaltimore and a Facebook group by the same name, Haki aims to build on the basis of both House of Cards and Homeland which are similar to encourage youth and adult civics and to bring a wonderful quality show to Baltimore and Maryland at large. According to Haki, “There has been a growing support with the Maryland film office to support projects like House of cards so why not Homeland”. This campaign encompasses everyone and Haki Ammi encourages the general public to key in and help bring the very best to Baltimore, MD.