Baltimore Event: Community Baby Sprinkle

Baltimore Event: Community Baby Sprinkle


I had the liberty and blessing to meet this AMAZING woman, Keisha Starr, a few years ago and she has been nothing short of a blessing to those she encounters.

Keisha is a singer, song writer, published author (Check out Diary of a Boss Chick), social worker, mother, sister, friend, daughter, wife; a woman of many hats! She goes hard when she needs too but all out of love.

She strives to make sure that the parents and students in her community are active at both home and school. She helps families facing hardships get the help and assistance they need. As well as just getting the community involved overall. Baltimore is a tough place to live but there are angels, like her, that make the struggle a bit easier. Currently she’s collecting items for her office’s  next Community Baby Sprinkle and she needs our help!

The turnout for the last Baby Sprinkle was nothing short of spectacular. She helped dozens of families get the necessities needed for their new babies and making sure the new parents were okay! It’s a community effort and she will admit; she couldn’t have pulled it off without the community!

She’s very open and transparent and makes all funds public and show how the money is being spent. When she reaches a good amount, she’ll inform and ask people not to donate any more money.

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