Exclusive !! Rick Ross Speech at “Rally for Meek” event in Philly

Exclusive !! Rick Ross Speech at “Rally for Meek” event in Philly


Exclusive Rick Ross Footage and NBG network had it first!

In this video at the Meek Mill Rally, Rick Ross and Slab Report live took their stance on the system.

We were able to get, up close, and great shots of Rick Ross.

At the “Rally for Meek” event, Rick Ross came to Philly to Speak a little on the Justice system.
Ross stating, he never did this before, referring to a speech he was about to give left many impressed with his comments. One of the statements Ross made that was profoundly put was,

” … It wasn’t simply a miscarriage of justice, It was an abortion of justice… ”

whether you agree or not with the support Meek Mill is getting surrounding his sentencing we all should be able to agree the justice system needs some work.

Listen close to the full speech.

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All of the videos were broken into segments for ease of watch

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